Instrument Rentals

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Join the band – Join the fun!

Rental prices start at $15 a month.

Not sure which instrument is right for you?  Come in and try them all. We can help you with that decision!  


Band Instrument Rental Programs:

Basic Rental Agreements: 

Renting your band instrument from Graner is quick and easy. We offer a month-to-month rental program. There is no long-term commitment. 100% of the rental payments can apply to the purchase of a new student instrument (first twelve months of rental contract only). You are always welcome to purchase your rental instrument should you choose to do so. 


Rent-to-Own Agreements:   (NEW INSTRUMENTS)

Once you are ready to purchase a student instrument, you can convert your rental agreement to a Rent-to-Own agreement using any equity that you have acquired (up to twelve months). There are additional discounts for purchasing outright. 


String Instrument Rental Program:

The basic rental agreement is the same. However, as your student grows, so does your instrument. Your rental contact includes free exchanges. When your student is ready for a full-size instrument, you may use 100% of your rental payments toward the purchase of a student-line instrument.  

Your equity may also be used to purchase a step-up instrument (up to 50% of the retail price).